The Summer of 2014: Early Predictions and Landing Spots for 2014 NBA Free Agents

Not one. Not two. Not three. Not four. Not five. Not six. Not seven.

OK, so Lebron’s fulfilled 29% of his promise, winning back-to-back championships in South Beach. Only five more rings to go. Will Lebron even be in the white and red for another five years? Let’s say he leaves, opting out of his final year under his contract, after an early exit, due to the play of the diminished Chris Bosh and inconsistent D-WADE. Where does he go? Does he return to Cleveland, where the fans will forgive him quicker than they turned their backs on him? Does he join forces with Kobe in LA? Does he come to New York? Zero percent chance, but as a Knicks fan I had to shoot that one out there. The focus of the summer of 2014 will be of course on the second decision of Lebron James, however, there are plenty of other “Franchise Players” hitting free agency next July, and plenty of them will have suitors lining up for their services. It’s not too often that when players such as Carmelo Anthony, Chris Bosh, Kobe Bryant, John Wall and Dwyane Wade hit free-agency, that they aren’t the main focus. But when the best player in the world is hitting the open market, things change.

Let’s get to it.

Carmelo Anthony. The man who single-handedly forced his way via trade to Manhattan. Though the word drama grabbed a whole other meaning with Dwight Howard these past few years, ‘Melo had his fair share of playing with both personnel and fans’ hearts. I fully expect the Syracuse graduate to do the same thing this summer to Knick fans. Though he thrived this past season, winning the scoring title over perennial MVP candidate Kevin Durant, Carmelo needs another star that he can co-exist with. That won’t be happening in New York for at least another full year after the ’14 free agency, when Amar’e and Tyson’s contracts come off the books. What I do find interesting is the report that said Carmelo wanted the Knicks to trade for Rajon Rondo this offseason. Rondo is an unrestricted free agent in the summer of 2015. I don’t want to get too far ahead but it could be possible that Anthony signs a max-contract with the Knicks again, recruits Rondo to play alongside him and another free agent, possibly Kevin Love in 2015, and compete for a ring. Even with all of this potential, I still have my doubts. Though I could be completely wrong, I do in fact believe Carmelo will not have the patience to wait another season on the old Knicks and will pack his bags for a new home team, if he does in fact hit free agency.

Of the young guns, Kyrie Irving, Damian Lillard, Brandon Knight, and Kemba Walker are the most eye-popping names on the list. But before you picture any of them in your starting line-ups, know this. They each have team options and there is no way in hell that any of their squads let go of their most important player. Sorry for that tease, guys.  2015 should be interesting though. Can anyone picture the people over in Ohio doing this to a number two jersey?


Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh both have the ability to opt out of their contracts in the July 2014, much like Lebron, Carmelo, John Wall, and many others. But a thing I have recognized about Dwyane Wade is his loyalty. Notice how he wasn’t the one to leave Cleveland. Notice how he wasn’t the one to leave Toronto. He stayed put and made his team elite through recruiting. If Lebron does not return and Chris Bosh for some reason terminates the final year of his contract and opts-out, don’t expect Wade to follow and leave. Maybe Wade sees his career is starting to slow down and how he may not be able to command the elite salary he likely desires, and does in fact opt-out. He will be able to re-sign for more money, and be even more set than he already was financially. But no matter what, he will be a Miami Heat for the 2014-15 season. There is not a single doubt about that one.  I doubt Bosh leaves either as he’s set to be the highest-paid player on the Heat roster the following year. Being the third option does not help with the understanding of Bosh’s salary, as people often times read too much into the stats rather than the significance and threats he brings to the table. Though he has not reached 20 points per game in a season during his 3-year tenure in Miami, Bosh’s ability to spread the floor and shoot with range allows Lebron to dominate the post being an undersized matchup at the four.

As reports are surfacing that John Wall is on the verge of signing a very lucrative, $80M deal, many are questioning the Wizards’ front office. He is the franchise player of the Wizards and is the player you could picture leading a new, hybrid type squad into the playoffs, but is he the guy you want as the face of your franchise?  Dan Steinberg of the Washington Post thinks otherwise.. Do I agree with his article? No. But does it show some potential signs of failure to commit to word? Maybe.  John Wall is 22, so the decision to get a tattoo is 100% up to him. He’s not a little baby, and under the law, you only need to be 18 to ink your body up. The only cases in which tattoos have played a significant role in the public viewing of an athlete seem to have been few cases in which the athlete was actually dumb enough to get a tattoo representing a gang sign on their body, or in even more unique scenarios like “Birdman” Anderson and JR Smith, who combined in total, have around two hundred tats. I think John Wall will be a star one day as he is certainly on the right path to become one. It would be smart for DC to lock him up now while they still can.

AP Photo-Evan Vucci

AP Photo-Evan Vucci

Kobe Bryant. The Black Mamba. Yeah, he will be a Laker for the rest of his career, end of discussion.

Let’s move along, onto the predictions. I have predicted the 2014 NBA Free Agency, with research, my brain, and some help from a magic 8 ball. Here is the list of all of the potential free agents in June of 2014 provided by along with my prediction as to where each player will go.

Key: T = Team Option, P = Player Option, N= Partial/Non-Guaranteed, Q = Qualifying Offer, * = Option in Prior Year

Point Guards 

2013-14 Team
Predicted 2014-15 Team Predicted New Contract
Option(See Above “Key”)
TyShawn Taylor Brooklyn Nets NETS 1/$1,115,243 Q
Avery Bradley Boston Celtics CELTICS 5/35,000,000 Q
Ramon Sessions Charlotte Bobcats CAVS 1/2,500,000 N
Kemba Walker Charlotte Bobcats BOBCATS/HORNETS 1/$3,272,091 T
Kyrie Irving Cleveland Cavaliers CAVS 1/$7,070,730 T
Darren Collison Los Angeles Clippers SPURS 3/14,000,000 P
Kirk Hinrich Chicago Bulls NUGGETS 2/8,000,000 N
Marquis Teague Chicago Bulls BULLS 1/$1,120,920 T
Nate Robinson Denver Nuggets ROCKETS 3/10,000,000 P
Jerryd Bayless Memphis Grizzlies GRIZZ $1/4,500,000 N
Tony Wroten Jr. Memphis Grizzlies GRIZZ 1/$1,210,080 T
Norris Cole Miami Heat HEAT 1/$2,038,206 T
Andre Miller Denver Nuggets *RETIRE* N
Rodney Stuckey Detroit Pistons PISTONS 1/8,000,000 N
Brandon Knight Detroit Pistons PISTONS 1/$3,553,917 T
Toney Douglas Golden State Warriors KNICKS 1/1,500,000 N
D.J. Augustin Toronto Raptors PACERS 1/3,500,000 N
Chauncey Billups Detroit Pistons *RETIRE* T
Eric Bledsoe Phoenix Suns SUNS 5/40,000,000 Q
Steve Blake Los Angeles Lakers CLIPPERS 1/1,500,000 N
Chris Duhon – X Los Angeles Lakers MAGIC 1/1,500,000
Luke Ridnour Milwaukee Bucks BUCKS 2/8,500,000 N
Ricky Rubio Minnesota Timberwolves WOLVES 1/$4,660,479 T
Malcolm Lee Phoenix Suns SUNS 1/$1,148,163 Q
Greivis Vasquez Sacramento Kings KINGS 1/$3,203,780 Q
Eric Maynor Washington Wizards WIZARDS 1/$2,106,720 P
Reggie Jackson Oklahoma City Thunder THUNDER 1/$2,204,369 T
Tony Parker San Antonio Spurs SPURS 2/25,000,000 N
Patty Mills San Antonio Spurs BLAZERS 1/2,750,000 N
Cory Joseph San Antonio Spurs SPURS 1/$2,023,261 T
Jameer Nelson Orlando Magic MAGIC 1/3,500,000 N
Ish Smith Milwaukee Bucks BUCKS 1/$992,435 N
E’Twaun Moore Orlando Magic MAGIC 1/$1,148,163 Q
Kyle Lowry Toronto Raptors LAKERS 3/28,000,000 N
Jimmer Fredette Sacramento Kings KINGS 1/$3,110,796 T
Isaiah Thomas Sacramento Kings KINGS 1/$1,148,163 Q
Kendall Marshall Phoenix Suns SUNS 1/$2,091,840 T
Earl Watson Portland Trail Blazers BLAZERS 1/1,500,000 N
John Wall Washington Wizards WIZARDS 5/80,000,000 Q
Shaun Livingston Brooklyn Nets NETS 1/1,500,000 N
Damian Lillard Portland Trail Blazers BLAZERS 1/$3,340,920 T
Aaron Brooks Houston Rockets NETS 1/1,500,000 N
Jordan Farmar Los Angeles Lakers LAKERS 1/2,500,000 N
Dwight Buycks Toronto Raptors RAPTORS 1/$816,482 N
Ronnie Price Orlando Magic JAZZ 1/1,675,000 N
Ray McCallum Sacramento Kings KINGS 1/$816,482 N

Shooting Guards

2013-14 Team
Predicted 2014-15 Team Predicted New Contract
Option(See Above “Key”)
John Jenkins Atlanta Hawks HAWKS 1/$1,312,920 T
Lou Williams Atlanta Hawks 76ERS 3/15,000,000 N
Anthony Morrow New Orleans Pelicans MAVS 2/4,000,000 P
MarShon Brooks Boston Celtics CELTICS 1/$2,179,354 T
Keith Bogans Boston Celtics BULLS 1/2,500,000 N
Ben Gordon Charlotte Bobcats BULLS 1/3,000,000 N
Dion Waiters Cleveland Cavaliers CAVS 1/$4,062,000 T
Vince Carter Dallas Mavericks NETS OR RETIRE 1/1,500,000 N
Jared Cunningham Atlanta Hawks HAWKS 1/$1,260,360 T
Dwyane Wade Miami Heat HEAT 3/60,050,000 E
Ray Allen Miami Heat THUNDER 1/3,000,000 N
Evan Fournier Denver Nuggets NUGGETS 1/$1,483,920 T
Jordan Hamilton Denver Nuggets NUGGETS 1/$2,109,294 T
Klay Thompson Golden State Warriors WARRIORS 1/$3,075,880 T
Lance Stephenson Indiana Pacers PACERS 3/17,000,000 N
Orlando Johnson Indiana Pacers PACERS 1/$915,243 N
Jamal Crawford Los Angeles Clippers CLIPPERS 1/6,700,000 N
Willie Green Los Angeles Clippers FREE AGENT DURING SEASON $0 N
Kobe Bryant Los Angeles Lakers LAKERS 2/32,000,000Just Watch.. N
Jodie Meeks Los Angeles Lakers LAKERS 1/1,500,000 N
Doron Lamb Orlando Magic MAGIC 1/$915,243 N
Austin Rivers New Orleans Pelicans PELICANS 1/$2,439,840 T
Thabo Sefolosha Oklahoma City Thunder THUNDER 1/2,275,000 N
Jeremy Lamb Oklahoma City Thunder THUNDER 1/$2,202,000 T
Iman Shumpert New York Knicks KNICKS 1/$2,616,975 T
Nando De Colo San Antonio Spurs SPURS 1/$1,828,750 Q
Terrence Ross Toronto Raptors RAPTORS 1/$2,793,960 T
Francisco Garcia Houston Rockets ROCKETS 1/$1,322,946 N
Wesley Johnson Los Angeles Lakers LAKERS 1/1,750,000 N
Shannon Brown Phoenix Suns LAKERS 2/6,400,000 N
Gordon Hayward Utah Jazz JAZZ 3/18,000,000 Q
Alec Burks Utah Jazz JAZZ 1/$3,034,356 T
Bradley Beal Washington Wizards WIZARDS 1/$4,505,280 T
Jordan Crawford Boston Celtics CELTICS 1/$3,206,867 Q
Will Barton Portland Trail Blazers BLAZERS 1/$915,243 N
Jason Richardson Philadelphia 76ers HEAT 1/$6,601,125 P
Nick Young Los Angeles Lakers LAKERS 1/$1,227,985 P
Evan Turner Philadelphia 76ers (Traded at 2013-14 Deadline for 2014 1st Round Pick, 2015 2nd Round Pick to Wizards)…Signed to  3/$35M extension after trade. 3/35,000,000 Q
Garrett Temple Washington Wizards WIZARDS 1,1,500,000 N
Glen Rice Jr. Washington Wizards WIZARDS 1/$816,482 N

Small Forwards

2013-14 Team
Predicted 2014-15 Team  Predicted New Contract
Option(See Above “Key”)
Paul Pierce Brooklyn Nets NETS 2/16,000,000 N
Tornike Shengelia Brooklyn Nets NETS 1/$1,115,243 Q
Michael Kidd-Gilchrist Charlotte Bobcats BOBCATS 1/$5,016,960 T
Jeffrey Taylor Charlotte Bobcats BOBCATS 2/7,000,000 N
Shawn Marion Dallas Mavericks MAVS 2/3,000,000 N
Alonzo Gee Cleveland Cavaliers CAVS 1/$3,000,000 N
Omri Casspi Houston Rockets MAVS 1/$1,063,384 N
Jae Crowder Dallas Mavericks MAVS 1/$915,243 T
Luol Deng Chicago Bulls BULLS 3/29,000,000 N
Jimmy Butler Chicago Bulls BULLS 1/$2,008,748 T
Rudy Gay Toronto Raptors SPURS 3/45,000,000 P
Quincy Pondexter Memphis Grizzlies GRIZZ 1/$3,284,807 Q
LeBron James Miami Heat CAVS 3/60,000,000 E
Mike Miller Memphis Grizzlies HEAT 1/$6,600,000 P
Shane Battier Miami Heat SPURS 1/3.500.000 N
James Jones Miami Heat *RETIRE* $0 N
Khris Middleton Detroit Pistons PISTONS 1/$915,243 N
Richard Jefferson Utah Jazz NETS 1/1,500,000 N
Brandon Rush Utah Jazz JAZZ 2/14,000,000 N
Harrison Barnes Golden State Warriors WARRIORS 1/$3,049,920 T
Draymond Green Golden State Warriors WARRIORS 1/$915,243 N
Chandler Parsons Houston Rockets ROCKETS 1/$964,750 T
Danny Granger Indiana Pacers SUNS 3/27,000,000 N
Paul George Indiana Pacers PACERS 3/58,000,000 Q
Caron Butler Phoenix Suns MAVS 1/10,000,000 N
Metta World Peace New York Knicks KNICKS 1/$1,661,550 P
Tobias Harris Orlando Magic MAGIC 1/$2,380,594 T
Andrei Kirilenko Brooklyn Nets NETS 1/$3,326,235 P
Carmelo Anthony New York Knicks LAKERS 3/60,000,000 E
Kawhi Leonard San Antonio Spurs SPURS 1/$2,894,059 T
Maurice Harkless Orlando Magic MAGIC 1/$1,887,840 T
John Salmons Sacramento Kings KINGS 1/$4,000,000 N
Michael Beasley Phoenix Suns HEAT 1/$6,250,000 N
Marvin Williams Utah Jazz JAZZ 1/5,000,000 N
Trevor Ariza Washington Wizards GRIZZLIES 4/25,000,000 N
Jan Vesely Washington Wizards WIZARDS 1/$4,236,287 T
Chris Singleton Washington Wizards WIZARDS 1/$2,489,530 T
Quentin Richardson Toronto Raptors MAGIC 1/$1,448,490 N
Robert Covington Houston Rockets ROCKETS 1/$816,482 N

Power Forwards

2013-14 Team
Predicted 2014-15 Team Predicted New Contract
Option(See Above “Key”)
Kris Humphries Boston Celtics (Traded at 2013-14 Deadline for 2015 2nd Round Pick, and Marreese Speights to Golden State Warriors)…does not sign extension..later signs with CLIPPERS for mid-level exception. 2/6,800,000 N
Jared Sullinger Boston Celtics CELTICS 1/$1,424,520 T
Tristan Thompson Cleveland Cavaliers CAVS 1/$5,138,430 T
Dirk Nowitzki Dallas Mavericks LAKERS 2/27,000,000 N
Elton Brand Atlanta Hawks HAWKS 1/3,500,000 N
Zach Randolph Memphis Grizzlies GRIZZ 2/35,000,000 P
Darrell Arthur Denver Nuggets NUGGETS 1/$3,457,149 P
Udonis Haslem Miami Heat HEAT 1/$4,620,000 P
Rashard Lewis Miami Heat HEAT 1/2,000,000 N
Kenneth Faried Denver Nuggets NUGGETS 1/$2,249,768 T
Charlie Villanueva Detroit Pistons GRIZZLIES 1/1,500,000 N
Jason Maxiell Orlando Magic MAGIC 1/$2,500,000 N
Jonas Jerebko Detroit Pistons PISTONS 2/12,000,000 P
Greg Monroe Detroit Pistons PISTONS 4/65,000,000 Q
Patrick Patterson Sacramento Kings KINGS 2/20,000,000 Q
Marcus Morris Phoenix Suns (Suns decline Team-Option)…SPURS 1/3,000,000 T
Royce White Philadelphia 76ers 76ERS 1/$1,793,520 T
Terrence Jones Houston Rockets ROCKETS 1/$1,618,680 T
Tyler Hansbrough Toronto Raptors RAPTORS 2/8,000,000 N
Miles Plumlee Indiana Pacers PACERS 1/$1,169,880 T
Pau Gasol Los Angeles Lakers HAWKS…..even with the addition of Paul Millsap with Horford. 2/20,000,000 N
Earl Clark Cleveland Cavaliers CAVS 1/$4,250,000 N
Larry Sanders Milwaukee Bucks BUCKS 3/40,000,000 Q
John Henson Milwaukee Bucks BUCKS 1/$1,967,320 T
Derrick Williams Minnesota Timberwolves WOLVES 1/$6,331,404 T
Dante Cunningham Minnesota Timberwolves WOLVES 2,3,525,000 N
Anthony Davis New Orleans Pelicans PELICANS 1/$5,607,240 T
Al-Farouq Aminu New Orleans Pelicans PELICANS 3/27,000,000 N
Jason Smith New Orleans Pelicans BUCKS 1/1,500,000 N
Perry Jones III Oklahoma City Thunder THUNDER 1/$1,129,200 T
Amar’e Stoudemire New York Knicks KNICKS 1/$23,410,988 E
Tim Duncan San Antonio Spurs *SPURS OR RETIRE* 1/$10,361,446 P
Boris Diaw San Antonio Spurs SPURS 1/1,500,000 N
Matt Bonner San Antonio Spurs SPURS 1/1,500,000 N
Josh McRoberts Charlotte Bobcats RAPTORS 1/$2,771,340 P
Andrew Nicholson Orlando Magic MAGIC 1/$1,545,840 T
Andrea Bargnani New York Knicks KNICKS 1/$11,500,000 E
Amir Johnson Toronto Raptors RAPTORS 1/$7,000,000 N
Ed Davis Memphis Grizzlies GRIZZ 1/$4,361,788 Q
Quincy Acy Toronto Raptors RAPTORS 1/$915,243 N
Thomas Robinson Portland Trail Blazers BLAZERS 1/$3,678,360 T
Channing Frye Phoenix Suns SUNS 1/$6,800,000 P
Markieff Morris Phoenix Suns SUNS 1/$2,989,239 T
Derrick Favors Utah Jazz JAZZ 3/38,000,000 Q
Kevin Seraphin Washington Wizards WIZARDS 1/$3,898,693 Q
Trevor Booker Washington Wizards WIZARDS 1/$3,420,443 Q
Lavoy Allen Philadelphia 76ERS 1/$3,825,000 Q
Kwame Brown Philadelphia 76ers 76ERS 1/2,225,000 Q
Arnett Moultrie Philadelphia 76ers 76ERS 1/$1,136,160 T
Aron Baynes San Antonio Spurs SPURS 1/$1,115,243 Q
Chris Johnson Minnesota Timberwolves WOLVES 1/575,000 N


2013-14 Team
Predicted 2014-15 Team Predicted New Contract
Option(See Above “Key”)
Andray Blatche Brooklyn Nets NETS 1/$1,437,506 P
Fab Melo Boston Celtics CELTICS 1/$1,367,640 T
Bismack Biyombo Charlotte Bobcats BOBCATS/HORNETS 1/$3,873,398 T
Anderson Varejao Cleveland Cavaliers LAKERS 3/20,000,000 N
Byron Mullens Los Angeles Clippers CLIPPERS 1/$990,563 P
Chris Kaman Los Angeles Lakers LAKERS 2/12,000,000 N
Tyler Zeller Cleveland Cavaliers CAVS 1/$1,703,760 T
Nazr Mohammed Chicago Bulls BULLS 1/1,750,000 N
Kosta Koufos Memphis Grizzlies NUGGETS 1/$3,000,000 N
Chris Bosh Miami Heat HEAT 1/$20,590,000 E
Joel Anthony Miami Heat HEAT 1/$3,800,000 P
Andre Drummond Detroit Pistons PISTONS 1/$2,568,360 T
Vyacheslav Kravtsov Detroit Pistons PISTONS 1/$1,875,000 N
Andrew Bogut Golden State Warriors WARRIORS 3/32,000,000 N
Andris Biedrins Utah Jazz BUCKS 2/8,5000,000 N
Festus Ezeli Golden State Warriors WARRIORS 1/$1,112,880 T
Donatas Motiejunas Houston Rockets ROCKETS 1/$1,483,920 T
Ryan Hollins Los Angeles Clippers CAVS 2/3,000,000 N
Jordan Hill Los Angeles Lakers LAKERS 1/3,500,000 N
Samuel Dalembert Dallas Mavericks MAVS 1/$3,500,000 N
Ekpe Udoh Milwaukee Bucks BUCKS 1/$5,962,377 Q
Greg Stiemsma New Orleans Pelicans CELTICS 1/1,500,000 N
Nikola Vucevic Orlando Magic MAGIC 1/$2,751,260 T
Jonas Valanciunas Toronto Raptors RAPTORS 1/$3,678,360 T
Aaron Gray Toronto Raptors RAPTORS 1/2,000,000 N
DeMarcus Cousins Sacramento Kings KINGS 3/59,500,000 Q
Marcin Gortat Phoenix Suns SUNS 2/18,000,000 N
Jermaine O’Neal Golden State Warriors SUNS 1/1,500,000 N
Enes Kanter Utah Jazz JAZZ 1/$5,694,674 T
Emeka Okafor Washington Wizards PELICANS 1/5,621,000 N
Meyers Leonard Portland Trail Blazers BLAZERS 1/$2,317,920 T
Spencer Hawes Philadelphia 76ers CELTICS 3/16,000,000 N
Chris Andersen Miami Heat HEAT $1,448,490 P

I know a ton of fans will be disappointed that their franchise didn’t swoop in and grab a prized free agent and get mad with me about it, but hey, this is what the magic 8 ball told me.

Article by: Ryan Manley

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