Twitter Hoops Tournament


One mistake and you could be the nucleus of a social media fiasco, and at the same time, one clever usage of 140 characters and your tweet could eventually be portrayed on an episode of SportsCenter for hundreds of thousands to view and enjoy.

From a public relations standpoint, Twitter has revolutionized the way we look at some athletes, most for the worse. It’s an extremely rare occurrence that a famous professional athlete does not have a Twitter account.

Over the years, teams have become less willing to have to deal with the drama and potential conflicts that social media brings…to the point that some teams have banned the usage of Twitter as a whole. But, while there are many controversial Twitter accounts handled by over a thousand professional athletes, there are also amusing Twitter accounts, which could reveal a funny or philosophical side of the athlete you may have never known about.

There are the big name stars that you should probably follow just because of their title, for instance Lebron James, Kobe Bryant, and even the Zen Master, Phil Jackson. But at the same time, there are always the players like Jared Dudley and JaVale McGee whom you may not have heard of if you don’t really follow hoops. And then, of course, there is JR Smith, the man who put up a picture of a half-naked (judge for yourself if that’s fair enough description) female on his account for his 400,000 followers to see.

So, with saying all of that, I decided it was only right to start a bracket of the best twitter accounts ran by NBA players themselves, including the unemployed (you can’t leave out Delonte West).

East side of the bracket

East side of the bracket

West side of the bracket

West side of the bracket

Every Monday I will update the bracket with who advances and who drops out of my new Twitter Hoops Tournament. I will make little poll boxes available for who should advance and who shouldn’t, and whomever the readers choose will advance.

Vote here:



This is my final project for my internship, (I will still continue to post on wordpress) and I wanted to thank every one of you for taking the time out of your days to read what I’ve had to say.

Article by: Ryan Manley


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